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Meet the FHDG team.

Marvin Eans

Founder, Lead Creative

Christa Eans

Co-Founder, Creative

Jeremy Icenogle

Communication Director

Kym Icenogle

Organization Specialist

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With a successful track record in the graphic design industry, Marvin has set the tone for the creative development for Faith House Design Group. He is a MFA graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the discipline of graphic design. Marvin's success has afforded award winning designs and opportunities to work on major projects for individuals such as Joyce Meyer, Judy Jacobs, John Hagee, Lisa and John Bevere. Marvin enjoys spending time with his wife Christa, family and friends. In his spare time he loves being in the outdoors kayaking, playing basketball and photography.

The beautiful Christa has brought a glow to the whole team. Her charming personality, heart and amazing organizational management skills have created a wonderful atmosphere for the group. Christa is recently married to Marvin and enjoys spending every second with him. In her spare time, Christa enjoys art, photography and writing.

Jeremy is excited to be a part of Faith House Design Group. With a career as a pastor and granite/designer, Jeremy has a new passion for design. He still pastors and takes on granite design projects as he has also established himself with the Faith House team. Jeremy is a newlywed and enjoys quality time with his lovely wife Kym, friends, exercise and surfing.

Kym is our newest member of the team. Kym's work focuses on identifying non-profit and social organizations, missionaries and church plants with whom to partner and design innovative related solutions. Kym specializes is organizational communications and direction for the team. Her knowledge extends to developing leverage for fundraising and community collaborative efforts. Kym enjoys spending time relaxing with her husband and the outdoors.

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providing innovative design solutions.

Stephanie Arena

Chief Editor

Stephanie leads FHDG’s storytelling, editorial strategy, and communications all with the focus of pushing the social avenue forward through Christ-centered design. With years of experience as a writer, editor, and journalist, Stephanie is passionate about unfolding the stories that will leave a last longing impression and inspiration. Stephanie values family and is dedicated to serving others with a heart of love.